How to spot a Narcissistic relationship, and what to do about it

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Someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is a fairly intense person to be in a relationship with. They will have an inflated sense of their own importance, their needs, they will always be right when you fight. And they will feel entitled to whatever they want. Very selfish!

But your partner doesn’t need to have full blown NPD for it to become a problem in your relationship. Even more subtle selfish and self-righteous behaviour plagues many relationships.

It can be a lack of an ability to self-reflect and take ownership for what they can do better in the relationship. Or it can be an unresolved mummy/daddy issue where they expect you to provide everything for them. There’s no equality here. And where there’s no equality, the relationship will spiral until it’s inevitable demise.

How to fix them and save the relationship?

You can’t.

Here’s a fundamental truth about relationships: You can only change yourself. And sometimes in doing so, the relationship may improve, or it may not. So it’s best to stay detached (detached means you care, but you know you’ll be ok if it doesn’t work out).

Think of it like this: If you wait for your partner to respond, own their sh*t, and improve the relationship you might be waiting a looooong time. Meanwhile, you’re giving your power away.

However if you start with you, you can upgrade your sense of self-worth and self-love and then your partner will either rise to meet you or fade away. Which frees you up to attract in someone who’s a better fit for you longer term.

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